brain-paradigmThe Fundamental Code Unit (FCU) presents a new approach to cognition and the brain process paradigm, or a reevaluation of how brain processes are perceived and investigated. The FCU offers a new analytical model using sequence and coding to explain and predict structure. It will also enable us to use concepts and methods to improve our understanding of the brain. The FCU research is a codification of the most basic unit of brain function, from which thoughts, higher function, and dysfunction can be assembled.

FCU attempts to construct a complete framework that explains how the central nervous system and the brain are capable of meaningful action through read-and-write communication processes. This framework applies to the molecular level up to the level of human-environment interaction. As a theorem, it establishes a single mathematical model that can be used to describe the communication across different levels of brain function.

This concept will be developed and tested among a wide range of levels. Its basic research will explore this directly as tools will be developed to assist in the vision. The novel analytical framework of the FCU offers a new scientific paradigm to drive brain diagnosis and treatment using neurotechnologies.

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