brain-processingThe successful development of new clinical concepts and interventions for neurological diseases of the brain requires, first and foremost, a strong theoretical framework for understanding healthy brain function and the brain’s capacity for intelligent action. Unfortunately, attempts to understand and explain brain function and dysfunction have been fragmented into several narrow fields of study. However, an innovative theoretical framework for understanding brain processes, based on the Fundamental Code Unit (FCU), has influenced the development of novel applications for non-invasive diagnostic methodologies. BSF is working to introduce a number of new concepts for early detection of neurodegenerative disorders, pain, and traumatic brain injury. These include the use of computational linguistics, vestibular measurements, and neural oscillations to identify new biomarkers.

The FCU offers an analytical model using sequence and coding to explain and predict structure. This will enable us to use concepts and methods so to improve our understanding of the brain. The FCU theorem is set that a single mathematical model can be used to describe neural communication across different levels. This theorem can also be applied to examine other biochemical processes using statistical mechanics.

The method offers great hope in that it may allow us to begin predicting and explaining specific changes in protein structures ranging from those that govern allosteric motion to those that trigger the onset of diseases. This concept will be developed and tested along a range of different levels. Basic research will explore this directly, while applied research will be used to provide additional information and tools will be developed to assist in this vision.

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