Research Vision

The research vision of the Brain Sciences Foundation is to develop novel paradigms and technological advances that will enable the study of the mind, and ultimately, find treatments for neurological disorders. BSF is working to achieve this by supporting basic and applied research and facilitating in a multidisciplinary exchange spanning both the natural and social sciences fields.

BSF is dedicated to achieving an all-encompassing understanding of human cognition and neurological disorders. Our research is focused on revolutionary, principle-driven solutions to cure intractable brain disorders.

What exactly do we mean when we say principle-driven? BSF advocates that effective and meaningful brain research must be 1) interdisciplinary and 2) must thrive under a theoretical paradigm. As an inside niche, BSF is constructing a complete framework that explains how the central nervous system and the brain are capable of meaningful action through read-and-write communication processes and neuromodulation devices.

This vision runs from the molecular level up to the human-environment interaction level. Since brain function research requires a comprehensive approach, we integrate studies from the single cell and local neural network level, the coding level, the systems level, the functional level, and the behavioral level.

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