Tour des Yoles 2015

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Our team has recently returned from Martinique, where we were able to attend the Tour des Yoles.  As one of the more prominent sporting events, the Tour des Yoles is time for countless people to gather in celebration of Martinique and to witness the courage of a few intrepid sailors while they race against each other in a sailing competition around the island.

The Brain Sciences Foundation had the pleasure of sponsoring this beautiful and challenging race.  In addition, our brave team, expertly led by Professors Louis Jehel and Newton Howard, were able to experience it first-hand from July 31st to August 2nd.  

As part of our stay, we held a health-themed workshop and provided various resources, such as diabetes screening and prevention through assessment of risky behaviors. Overall, it was a great experience and we are very glad to have been able to be a part of it.

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